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Make votekicking easy
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There are an unusual amount of griefers in this game, not just scripters, but teamkillers/vehicle stealers etc.

If public multiplayer is to be viable, then a more understandable/userfriendly votekick system needs to be in.

Currently, having to type "#vote kick [userName]" is pretty obscure... and lets face it, people in general are pretty stupid so you can't rely on them to figure this out.

So if someone starts a #vote kick [userName]
Make it easy for others to agree or disagree via an onscreen prompt telling you to press some key, perhaps Insert or Delete.

Obviously, only one such vote should be allowed at a time, and each player can only initiate a vote once every minute or 30 seconds to avoid spamming/clogging.


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How can be #yes or #no to be typed in chat be hard ?

But still, would be nice to have a vote yes/no as a shortcut on the keyboard.

It's not that it's hard, it's that a lot of people don't know the commands. Especially because as it stands everyone must type #vote kick (player name). I've been in plenty of games that can't launch because one person won't ready up, or the recent aggravating incident of someone mic spamming themselves playing a guitar nonstop, and while I can tell English speaking people what to type, the language barrier causes some issues.

I think integ3r's solution is a great idea and definitely worth implementing.

The current system can never work because "the masses" can't be expected to figure it out or do it even if you tell them to.

Yes it is in fact that hard for them.

it's getting completely crazy on CTI servers. There is one new Team Killer every 10 minutes, this is unplayable. Your idea is good.

Just another note.

If it is successful, it should obviously work as a temp ban lasting until the end of the match. I don't know if this is how it currently works, I only know that I've been kicked and been able to rejoin immediately afterwards.

If you cannot add an elaborate UI system, change the required votes to 40% and votes from same team count as 2 votes.

great idea bc it seems you never get enough votes, even if everyone wants someone gone.. I guess #vote kick name is to complicated ha.

I guess one person could start the "vote kick", then everyone hit 1=yes 2= no

if he keeps joining, then one start the "vote ban" then 1 yes 2 no

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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Also please add the possibility of 2 kinds of kicks : "instant kick", "game-length kick"

I've seen situations in previous games where the kicked player was coming back even more angry :-)

this is way better than

#vote kick whatthehell was his name

hell, half the people don't even know how to chat in the game...

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