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Infomation about the version, the players and the expansions in the server browser are misaligned.
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Infomation about the version, the players and the expansions in the server browser are misaligned, they overlap their titles. {F17913} {F17914}


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Menu UI
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Proceed to the multiplayer menu.
  2. Select a server.
  3. Look at Version, Players and Expansions sections.
  4. Notice that the information is misaligned and overlaps.
Additional Information

This issue occurred on a 1920x1080 screen resolution.

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I confirm I get similair experiences (using the development build) @ 1920 x 1080 resolution (not tested at any other resolution)

Heyho, I made a little addon to temporary fix this issue (it's very annoying if you are looking for a patched server).

You can find the Addon in this thread:

And here some further infos on this UI bug:
There is an unused RscText for "time left" at horizontal position y = "20.8 * ..."
Both CA_ServerDetailVersion and CA_ServerDetailVersionRequired are on the same height of y = "21.5 * ...
Setting one of them to y = "20.8 * ..." fixes first problem.

The headlines of the players and expansion frame are not aligned like the left frame (left frame at 16.3, other at 16.2).
Setting CA_ServerDetailExpansion and CA_ServerDetailPlayers at
y = "16.3 * ..." solves the overlapping headlines

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Just saw in the Dev Branch changelog that this should have been fixed, will check up and see what the QA has seen on the stable Aplha.

Jep, I just looked Ingame and version misaligment and frametitles are fixed. I think this ticket can be marked as resolved.

Duplicate of #140.

Duplicate of #0000140. Also, already resolved in latest dev build.