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SCUBA : swim mask does'nt appear when outside of water
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SCUBA : swim mask does'nt appear when outside of water.

You can see it in your inventory, but don't see it on the model untill you reach water.


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Isn't that intentional? I don't really need a swin mask outside of the water or am I getting that wrong?

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I see what you mean. But if you go by this way. You don't need your flippers outside of the water, nor your swimming suit. But they are visible. they don't appear/disappear depending on the water.

Had to downvote. This is working as intended. I suppose BIS or some modder could make it so that your goggles appear on the model out of the water... but I view it as the goggles being stuffed away wherever else your magazines and grenades are being stowed.

The wetsuit ("swimming suit") is your uniform.

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as no-bug.