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In Vehicle Gunner Monitor Screen Flickers
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While being a gunner in vehicles the monitor screen for the gunner flickers and you can't use it. If you go full screen hitting numpad 0 its fine then.


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Get in a vehicle hunter or whatever with the gun on it and be a gunner. The screen should flicker.

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I am running Intel 920 overclocked to 3.6ghz on a Asus P6T Deluxe V2, 6GB ram, Nvidia 480 GTX in SLI with latest drivers of 314.07. Was also doing it with drivers before this version. Running Windows 7 64-bit and the Developer Supporter edition of Arma 3 Alpha.

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What do you exactly mean by "flicker"?

Sure, the framerate of the screen is worse than your usual sights, because it uses PiP (huge amount of processing power wents into this).

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I really should not have posted this as there is a duplicate, forgot to search first. But here is the other thread.

The screen flickers in and out. Not sure how else to explain it. It doesn't stay a solid picture, it flickers to like a white screen every half second or so and continues in a loop. Not sure if its SLI or what.

I'm not talking about my whole screen just the gunner video monitor in the vehicle flickers.

I have noticed the Exact same issue - good report, it drives me bonkers. Apparently disabling SLI or Crossfire "fixes" it - if that's what you call a fix.

i have no flicker.. sry u do. hope it gets resolved

Duplicate of #0000436.