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AI immune(not sure if, but close to) to supressive fire, shots in body, close to be hit, basicly you supressing him
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So i'm playing infantery showcase when the most obvious one occured, had hints of it earlier on, me and the whole squad are shooting at the first enemy squad, theres one left getting fired at from at least 2 of my squad mates, then i shoot him once(i saw blood) and he shoot me right in the face, oneshot, about 0.5 second after i shot him in the arm or so. He was tottaly exposed and i was 90% covered behind a rock, i hate to say that is possible irl but it is. Difficulty is 85, veteran. Seemed like bot is close to immune to supression or even recoil.


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Play against bots. Very hard to reproduce, it happens based on situation, but i hope for you, Devs, that you remember coding or not coding this.

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Im not saying it's impossible, but it's not far from(microscopic). I just wanna her some other guys impression of the ai taking supression. Make sure skill level is high or you might think it's supression, but it's really just bots being unable to hit you cause of lack of skill. Devs: maybe work on an improved supression system(arma 2 had one better) or confirm that you have a good supression system and you wont change it. I also have a feeling that fatigue is not affecting expertbots too much.

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I also noticed alot of other posts where they said that ai is very cold blooded in suppressed sisuations, that's okay but in this case i actually hit him with a bullet and that must make you unable to maintain a steady aim.

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Duplicate of #5496
(clearer report with many more votes)