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It's ARMA II all over again!!!
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Well I couldn't find any posts about it so I thought I'd send it out. I'm sure that most of you playing online have noticed this in the past 24 hours. Yes. Hackers have finally made it to ARMA III. Anyone who played ARMA II will recall those horrific days where you were playing and boom! You're now a goat or somehow hurtling from the sky to your doom. And there wasn't much you could do about it. It was difficult to locate the hacker and ones that were oblivious enough to stay long enough to be kicked or banned simply came back on with a new user. Hopefully this issue will be resolved when some new patches come through but until then I guess I should stay off multiplayer unless I want to get turned into a bird ever 30 seconds.


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You shouldn't be shocked about this...within the first week or so of any game release, free/paid hacks come about. I doubt it will be given attention during the alpha, maybe even not during the beta, since the purpose of the releases are for error finding and lack of features, etc.

Since the Alpha should normally be updated on a frequent basis, they'll have to rework their coding for each new patch.

But there's nothing to be done if people are using Proxies, other than banning their key or over Steam (first don't know of BIS does, second isn't a feature implemented). But yeah, it's a fight we should keep fighting.

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Please be clear and concise when using the feedback tracker. This is not a forum, it is a way to report issues in the alpha. Your title does not tell the devs anything at all about the issue. That said, I agree that cheating has made Arma 3 Alpha multiplayer nearly unplayable.

Thanks for the replies so far and sorry that my report is not as though as it should be. That being said, I understand that most Alphas and Betas that are open world sandboxes (Ex. WarZ ((although that game has other problems besides hackers)) and ARMA III) but it is something that devs should be working on (and I'm sure they are) unless they want people to stop playing online. Till then I think it's only possible to play on password protected servers. Until then, it's a matter of sitting and waiting.

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atleast some of latest hacker reports have been due to this

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Was hoping it being pay for would help stop that. The Alpha is only invite only isn't it. People need to stop inviting the idiots in.

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there isn't even battleye installed yet for arma 3, of course people who want to hack are free to go atm

it's an alpha, there's still hope Battleye might find hackers once it's there

Its not a hack its a bug in the dev build.

I still think these should be reported though. These hacks (where log files are included) may be able to be passed onto the Battleye folk. They may actually want this information should the particular hack not have been covered off.

Can a member of staff clarify if they would like to see these logged please?

@cashxx You can pay for Alpha you know...

Passing on code of a hack onto the BattleEye crew in a game where erratic updates are possible would be a waste of time. With each update, the "hack" would have to be updated accordingly, meaning the hack they targeted to begin with...well no one will be using it since it doesn't work for the version.

BattleEye is far off from being implemented I bet too. We may see it in the beta.

Hey guys thanks again. It's great to see people are looking this issue up. I'm sure most of you are looking into this as much as I am but I'll keep you up to date on any new info that comes out about this hack/bug. You know, this is what had ruined my experience with ARMA II since it was near impossible to play at times. I'm sure that BIS is working hard on this problem especially if it's a bug rather than a hack. And if it is a hack I'm sue we'll see some improved security as the game develops into an awesome continuous of a great series.

  • Cheers! Alec
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Dang competing EA devs!

Also guys I'm aware that yes, this site is to report problems about Alpha and I believe that this is one and yes it is not a forum. Keep all replies on topic and with information or updates about this issue.

Anti-cheat is being worked on. Reports of cheating are not necessary.