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All text is very hard to read
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All of the text is hard to read. Don't matter where, menu, in game, chat, console, regardless its not the easiest to read and in a lot of cases numbers are hard to read like "6", "8" and a few others. Its also very hard to read some letters and easy to mix them up.

I would like to see the font being modified to ensure that its harder to mistake letters for other letters and numbers for other numbers. Thing is that when you zoom in (best done on the map) its very easy to read but anything on menus, in game chat and other places it ends up being hard {F17883}


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Please report your resolution and environment. I have a 22" @ 1080p and can't complain about the text so far.

1280x1024 (native) running maxed out, and I agree the font is a bit poor.

q6700 @ 2.67GHz
GTX 660sc
Win7 Ult

The lower the resolution is, the harder it is to read texts. The only way to fix it is to increase the size of the interface in the settings.

I also think that the font colour used for Waypoints needs to be changed to one with more contrast.

The current shade of green is too dull and it can be difficult to discern it from the terrain.

16:10 Aspect Ratio

All graphical settings maxed.

wierd.. friend and I found the font to be very nice, we actually mentioned it to one another.. must be a setting thing? I only have 1024x768 here.

Duplicate of #0000666.