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Driver in vehicle appears dead
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Playing through the Escape scenario in MP, the driver of the IFRIT always appears to be dead when looking through the front windshield. {F17882}


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agreed, all vehicle occupants slump badly.

agreed..they are usually dead while in vehicle, or atleast in wasteland.. i think this is why some people are complaining about "not being able to see over dashboards or see well in choppers etc..when actually its bc there head is hanging down

noticed this two, some players entering a vehicle appear in the dead pose when appearing inside

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just to add to this. when selecting the passenger position and going into 3rd person the players body sticks out the top.

How the heck can anyone vote down? i upvoted this issue, i see this too

On a plus note, in the official "SitRep" they posted today, this is a major thing they plan on fixing =)

Any vehicle I enter with anyone else, everyone appears to be dead even though they aren't. Up-voted.

Duplicate of #0001121.

Please up-vote there to gain dev attention.