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Text chat cluttered with server messages
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I know this has been an issue for all Armas... But it should be fixed. It is impossible to communicate using text chat because it's spammed with unnecessary server messages. Like "player x connecting", "x is using version xxx" "x is losing connection". At least there should be option for disabling these. Right now, text chat is broken in my opinion. And because this game relies heavily on communication, people without mics cannot communicate right now. How are they expected to play without communication?


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agreed, "general chat" being grey doesnt really help either...

  1. reduce the lengh of the mesages, stack them in more collums.
  2. apply to the complete mesage the color.

Could be tabs in the chatbox. One for the full chat, one for team only chat and one for messages (which would be the first one). If you're about to type in something it would switch to the according chat tab (all or team). Then you could get back to the messages tab if you wanted or the 'all in one' chat tab eventually (such as the current one). There have been many examples of such chatboxes in Garry's Mod for example.

I totally agree with that and am surprised there aren't more people voting this up as it's always been a pain in the ass...

All it would take is an option to hide server messages in game options. Please...

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