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Vehicles act like rubber - no weight simulated
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The physics configs for vehicles give them a light-weight, rubber feeling. It is too easy to float around with all ground vehicles and bounce all over the map. More realistic physics values should be used to simulate proper vehicle weight and handling.


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Enter any vehicle and take a trip downhill or crest over a hill at full speed.

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I thought of this for a moment in the vehicle showcase. I rammed a pickup truck with the vehicle you capture, and after a moment it flipped over like a milk carton, with my armed vehicle climbing over it.

I found the same, the vehicle handled quite realistically until you get some speed up, lose contact with the ground for a second and the physics engine decides to start playing with it.

I think they should cut their losses and remove the physics, it really detracts from the realism =(

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Cut their losses when it would just take some tweaking with the values of the physics, really?

It's the 6th day not even a week in, use your brain.

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Agree 100% I was hoping this would have been fixed by now. You could see the vehicles act like this last year in demos, didn't think it would last this long. I hit a tree and it flipped me end over end backwards about 5 times and luckily landed on the tires. Like the tires are filled with helium and no weight.

Effete_Denizen, removing physics is not an option, the system can be tweaked to reflect actual weight of vehicles.

I hope that when we see armored in the beta they will not ping pong around like styrofoam objects as in Arma2! Tanks are heavy!

Please give us weight, BI, the new physics system begs for it!

Remember this is just an Alpha and they probably don't have everything implemented yet in the way of Phsyx and other systems. which is why helis feel so off to most people and why the vehicles feel a little off and why you hear tires on vehicles screech on dirt like you were on ass-fault.

Personally I'm not worried about this as I bet they will improve\implement much better physx by launch

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This is a major issue IMO. Although it's fun to bounce about vehicles actually do weight more than shoe boxes!

Although this is a big issue it just needs tweaking, so those sort of thing can wait for beta.
ATM it's the game breakers we need to focus on.

I agree that this is something that should be tweaked, but surely BI has started with focus on game stopping issues which starts with errors crashing the game -> Stability and designbugs to make the game playable/better performance (Which splits in to SP and MP) -> visuals and adding content + tweaking of that.

maybe this helps to understand the reason behind the "slowmotion"-physics we got in so many games today:

I guess the given solution in arma3 is best option we can get.

Sounds kind of like this?: 0004587

CPL_HICKS, that ticket deals with simulated friction when the vehicle is on the ground. This ticket is about simulating gravity properly, to convince the player that their vehicle has weight and mass.

BuddyCasino - the video you posted does give some examples of floaty, slo-mo physics, but I do not think that turning up the framerate of whatever functions are being used by the physix api would be a good solution given the potential amount of calls that would have their framerates increased. just a guess.

I know that this will be worked on when the critical bugs are dealt with, I just wanted to make sure that it gets top priority now that Arma3 is using physics middleware! Rubber tanks should be banned from this game now that BI has the chance to deal with vehicle physics properly.

This is as important to immersion as the mid-range grass/terrain issue

I don't think anyone is arguing on the importance of Phsyx. I agree its a major feature for good immersion.

but until we see the fully implemented phsyx engine on objects\vehicles the way the devs intended to have it, how can we sit here and worry about it? its like talking about the heli's current flying model when we know that the TOH system isn't even in the game yet, its a waste of breath until all systems are in play.

Alex72 added a subscriber: Alex72.May 7 2016, 12:13 PM

Also to add PhysX all over. What I mean is that if you go full speed and turn so a vehicle flips it seems ARMA2 physics take over and gently sets the car down often. The vehicle should keep flipping and be at the mercy of the physics. Its your problem as a driver if you drive too fast and turn too hard (so to speak) and you should be helped by magic physics.

However I have a strong feeling this is all alpha stage behavior atm.

Fri13 added a subscriber: Fri13.May 7 2016, 12:13 PM

PhysX is proprietary and only for Nvidia cards so it is a no go.

But vehicles physics are still too "light". You can take a armored car and drive full speed anywhere, over common rocks and only get in the air when having enough speed and driving over big slope. Cars never turn over and only slows down at high slopes. It just is too easy to drive around island avoiding all enemies while car is tilted even 60 degree and it does not fall off from hill.

Any just tested and any armored vehicle can be driven in any terran and in any angle sloped terrain.

This makes infantry too inferior as vehicles can avoid roads and travel easily anywhere and infantry has harder time to move even over rough terrain where all vehicles just slide over them without problems.

If there would be situations that armored vehicles would flip over 20-25 degree slopes, it would give causes to make ambushes. And if bigger common rocks would slow down/stop vehicles, they would need to be careful where they drive.

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PhysX is Arma 3 is handled by the CPU.

PhysX could be better

@AD2001 Yeah it is.

I think this issue has been fixed for the military vehicles, civilian ones are still too floaty.

The issue, although vastly improved since I first reported it in March, has not been totally fixed.

All vehicles could use a little more mass.

The problem is more pronounced when you travel faster than 50kph. I realize that increasing physics calls may be too costly, but maybe increasing the gravity coefficient or something will simulate more mass.

they have mass, but gravity is wrong ( I think) because they take a time to stop, and maintain speedy in air

This is a particularly big problem for tracked vehicles.
At least when you get some air time in a wheeled vehicle you continue forward at the same speed when you hit the ground. In a tracked vehicle, just going over a sufficient mound or bump at speed will cause the tracked vehicle to nearly front flip and slow drastically.