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Grenade Throw Key, less COD more ARMA, please.
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I can appreciate the desire to try something new, but this throw key, where you tap it and it just throws a grenade to a predetermine distance dependant on how high you aim, is just rubbish and arcadish, which offends me as a long time ARMA fan. Set it back to the hold and throw feature ARMA 2 had. let the player decide how far they want to throw the grenade. Its also a saftey feature if you accidently hit the grenade key you don't automaticly chuck it 20 yards infront and kill the guys infront of you. You just drop it at your feet and kill yourself.
This switch just takes more player skill out of the game and replaces it with stupid arcade shooter crap, this game is suppose to be the poster child of anti-arcade shooter crap.


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put grenade in inventory, press grenade throw key.

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The autism clinic is that way.

I do wish they had it to where you could hold it, or if you did just tap the button you would drop it to your feet.

Just change your grenade throw binding from G to 2xG and you're done ..

"Tags: trolling".
Not funny - go away.

How is that trolling? This is exactly how COD and BF work where you just hit the grenade key and it throws a grenade a predetermined distance. Seems like the people complaining about people who bring up this issue are scared of challenge, God forbid they keep it the way ARMA has done it before were it requires some timing and skill to throw a grenade. This is suppose to be a combat simulator, yet I can't throw a grenade 5 feet infront of me, into a house because they took out the Hold-n-Throw style, now I have to throw the grenade as hard as I can so it hits the wall behind it? This isn't a forum to talk trash at people play testing the game, take that crap to the forums and off feedback tracker.

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Just make it so that the longer you press the button the farther it throws the grenade. The button for throwing itself is ok.

Duplicate of #0000910.