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Diver swim in the air after having throwed away his weapons
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In an edited mission with both Blufor or Opfor divers (but not the Diver team Leader nor the Diver explosive specialist), the diver swims in the air after having fired all his bullets, thrown all his grenades and abandonned his weapons. At the very moment he starts "swiming", it sounds like swiming in the real sea. {F17796}


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Swimming and Diving
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1: Play a diver (but not the Diver team Leader nor the Diver explosive specialist).
2: Fire with all your weapons until you have no bullets left and throw all your grenades.
3: In your inventory, throw away your rifle and pistol.
4: Enjoy.

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I confirm this, but to trigger it you don't have expend your ammo before throwing out your weapons, you can trigger it by opening your inventory, discarding your rifle, closing your inventory, the diver will autamtically equip his sidearm, open inventory, discard sidearm, and voila. It seems like it triggers when the diver throws away his sidearm as last weapon.

Dupe of #3634.