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Helicopters are still controllable after it's propellers were totally torn apart.
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After they've been totally destroyed (in a way that they're not even on the helicopter anymore) I think the helicopter should be in a freefall to death.


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Just crash your helicopter, lose it's propellers, then calmly fly yourself to a safe place without the (arguably) most important part of a helicopter.

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You need to be a little more specific here. Do you mean you caused the rotors to make contact with the ground or other stationary object, and have them dislocate, to which you were able to fly the helicopter seemingly without rotors?

Which helicopter was it? What object(s) did you make contact with?

To contribute with this, when you strafe over an area and fire rockets at the ground (in the little bird), all your systems will be destroyed, same with the rotors, but the helicopter will still fly as if it had rotors.

Right, the way I normally lose my rotors is usually when I'm flying too low that I accidentally touch the ground (Not hard enough for the helicopter to explode, and soft enough for it to continue flying. Though I'm sure it can be achieved other ways). After that the helicopter (An AH-9 or MH-9) keeps flying without anything for a considerable distance, as I still have good control over the helicopter.

Another thing: If you're going at 170 km/h and the AH-9 or MH-9's propellers hit a pole, no damage will be done at all.

I'm not sure, but I think the OPFOR's helicopters cannot lose their propellers. I'm not 100% sure.

Dupe of #0001308.