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Unable To Holster Both Weapons
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You always have a weapon at hand, however I personally would like to see it possible to be able to holster both weapons, when not in a combat environment.


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I agree, would increase immersion.

Definetly agreed, would be a great way to increase the immersion in "story based" scenarios.

agreed. possibly they haven't updated unarmed walking and running animation. the unarmed civ still runs weird.

This was possible in Operation Flashpoint too.

also, have two different holsters. one, using hotkey to leave weapon slung on chest. the other, using function, wear weapon on back/shoulder.

how about using the "switch weapon" key, holding it down will cause the player to holster his weapon (and not take out the other one if he has another)

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Thanks for listening BIS!

I really miss that feature. Any news on that?

Just finished my 90 min single player mission all over Stratis succesfully and was ready to lounge at my new secured base (Tempest). Unfortunately you have to drop all your weapons to stroll around casually. Would very much like the option to walk around with no weapons in hand, while still having them.

Nice one Killzone, impressive. But it's not even a work around is it? In the comments you say: 'Long way to make it bug free, BIS can do this at core, I'd like that more.'

I'd like to see BIS do it, so we don't have to delete/create guns/mags/bullets through script to simulate this.

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The weapon is showing in holster, but we're still not able to walk with weapons holstered. The soldier always draws a weapon a weapon if he has one. Very unfortunate for for instance officers with a sidearm.