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holo sights with two dots
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see picture (have two dots on the holo sights) {F17790}


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any holo sights in the game

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It is a new version of EOTech Holographic sight. The second dot is for distance shots

what is the point of this extra dot, one is for 100 other to 300? something like?

I do know that the XPS2 sight is being made with a 6.8 grendel reticle,where the center dot is the holdover for normal ammo at the dialed range (I think a 25 m zero for 250 meters point of aim = point of impact) and the lower dot is the same range but with subsonic ammunition.

I´ve not tested this, but the dot is correct for this sight. What it specifically is tuned for would either need to be told to us by BIS, or tested out.

This is intentional, not a bug.