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I don't like how you walk with one hand on gun and the other on your side. There should be a option where you can have one hand on gun and a option to have both hands on the gun. Dayz would look stupid if your walking and you have one hand on gun and the other on your side as you would have to be cautious in a zombie Apocalypse and have both hands on gun at all times and not only when your running. What if your tired and your talking a break by walking but there is zombies near, you would want to have both hands on gun. It would be more realistic. According to the movies and documentary's i have seen the soldiers when they are walking have both hands on gun.


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You can, go and look at your keybindings. I don't see how this is a major issue...

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Would you cut it out with this crap.

It bugs me to see that

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Second ticket on the same issue by the same person with nearly identical description after the last ticket received heavy negative feedback.

Obvious troll, move along people.

For more of the same troll, see also #3743.

THIS ... IS ... ARMA! not DayZ ;)

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Have you ever been in a Zombie Apocalypse? For all you know all you need is pop tarts to feed the zombies like ducks.

I can't believe what I've just read!...
what next... Dragons? :-s

Wrong game bro. This isn't DayZ.

Nobody cares about Dayz here, leave.

talks about realism
talks about Dayz in same sentence.

@OP: stop spamming the tracker with pointless crap!

Closing down due to bad quality ticket.