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Relatively low fps with high performance PC.
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A lot of people including me have a kind of issue with ArmA III(Alpha): Most of us have low FPS even though we have a powerfull PC while other People with worse PCs seem to have higher FPS.

I usually get beetween 30 and 45FPS on Stratis except on the airport and in the town east of the airport, it's much worse there and occasionally even starts to become unplayable.

I've already spoken to a lot of people about this issue and one of the people I asked happened to have an EVGA GTX580, he told me that he has the same Issue that I have, though most of the people I've talked to with worse GPUs like HD 7870s and GTX560s seem to have higher FPS than me with the HD7950 or that person with the GTX580.

My request: ArmA III has to be optimized so that it becomes playable without problems on a high-end PC.

P.S If somebody knows a solution that people with PCs like me could get higher FPS: would you mind posting it in the comments below ?


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I'm not really into game performance so I don't know a solution.

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I7 2600
8GB Ram 1333Mhz
I also edited a startup line of the game in steam so that it can use my Quadcore+Hyperthreading and 6GB Ram.

I get about 30-45 FPS usually but sometimes especially in settlements like the airport or the town east of the airport I get much less FPS, making the game nearly unplayable.

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If I may make a suggestion, you should read this thread and post your findings there as well, since it's been assigned and all:

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There already is an open issue for that ( #0000716 )

Dupe of #0000716.