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No Sound at all.
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Ever since I first downloaded the Alpha, and played there have been no sounds. I try restarting my computer, the game, and looking around in files but I can't find the problem. Few other people on steam have the issue, but its really rare. There is no in-game sounds, no music, nothing.


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When I start it.

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Redownloaded it also, and didn't work.

Before any of the moderators say it i could probably say it... you have to follow the guide on [^] to make a ticket of this sort. Without crashreports they wont be able to do anything with it.

Good that you report it, now just add the missing pieces. :)

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Please attach a DxDiag file, since this issue may not produced a crash report/log.

Like the related ticket, there has been no activity here for over a month. Is this issue still valid?

Apparently not. Closing.