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Vehicles locks after engine is damaged or all tires are destroyed. (Immobilized.)
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Vehicle locks after engine is damaged to the point of shutting off, or if all tires have been destroyed. If engine can be off and the main gun still works, it'd be good to be able to get back into a damaged vehicle to use the main gun. But we'll see what everyone else thinks. Other than that there's no reason to change it.


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I agree. If the vehicle does not burn or completely destroyed, it should remain accessible.

expecially if you want to get dead boddies out of the weckages, if would be better. cause once we had a chopper crash, where the chopper had no scratch but all were dead(0006555). later we needed to get more ammo, so we stopped by it, but we couldnt get the bodies out...

Amended title and description, since this also happens if the wheels have been destroyed.

I completely agree. Current behaviour (vehicle is locked after damage to engine/wheels) is frustrating, counterintuitive and negative to gameplay.

Transferring status and dev assignment from duplicate ticket.

@MadDogX: maybe it's also worth to transfer priority and impact (set by CSR Kryssar) from the ticket #7328?

Encountering heavily armed car without proper weapons should be absolutely fatal. But now, all what is needed, is to shoot the tyres. The crew bails out right into the fire and they're toasted. They don't even deploy vehicle's smoke screen before abandoning it, which should be a standard procedure!

@DarkWanderer, took me a while, but done. :)

hladas added a subscriber: hladas.May 7 2016, 12:08 PM

Will be fixed in update

It is now on DEV build (state similar to ARMA2)

Note, that this means that a player can enter an immobile vehicle, but...

  • AI will refuse to enter the vehicle (but will stay in it if it was there before the immobilization took place)
    • "allowCrewInImmobile" overrides that behavior
  • if player is a subordinate - AI commander will force her/him out of the vehicle (and she/he won't be able to reenter as long as she/he remains the subordinate)

Mass close.