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Different body shapes and body heights for soldier models
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One of the reasons people in multiplayer are so difficult to tell apart is that they are all the same body shape and body height. Would it be impossible to maybe stretch, widen or shrink the torso or legs so you can more easily tell people apart?


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..oh i wouldnt mind some visual diversity as well

This will be fun to watch :D


It seems like this would mean more character models, which may lead to lag. I think it would also end up like Goldeneye 64; everyone wants to play as Oddjob because the short guy is a smaller target.

Agreed with RogerMcAllen!

+1 RogerMcAllen

I have seen this exploited in games also...

Anyone who has tried to arrange soldiers for a parade knows that this is missing. Rainbow Six 1 on the PC had it. Made the team look more realistic.

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I think changing the uniforms would be a better fix for this. It's very difficult to tell apart east from west with the current uniforms.

lol arma 3 is the utopian idea of singularity

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Just some scale change(maybe in different body part),won't impact the FPS,so upvote.
But I think in PVP mode,everyone may try to use the shortist guy....

Yeah, i wanna small fat machine gunner :D
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I was thinking the same thing and has been a feature ive wanted to see for some time. Of course some limits of selectable heights would be needed to avoid squads of midgets (height challenged people) running around.

I don't like this idea, don't think it would really add anything to the game; it will just create more work. So going to have to downvote.

But if you do this add a piece of code mission makers can use in description.ext to force players back to the default (what it is now).

E.g. ForceDefaultPlayer = true;

This will allow mission makers to choose what they want, such as force default sizes for all to keep adversarials fair.
Then anyone who wants to be silly and play midgets can do so in their own missions by not using that line of code.

Thats whats up +

Upvote. I like this idea very much, not only for the sake of diversity, but mainly because i play in 1st person, and beign a tall guy, i feel the camera height does not match my real height and so it would improve imersion for my part if i could make my player taller.

Unfortunately this idea while good doesn't work for first person shooters wherein you play with other people. Cover changes based on a characters height or width, what might be too high or low for one person won't be due the change in height.

Not only cover but it also changes the dynamics of hit boxes and where you can shoot people to kill them, and if you keep headshots in the same place for the shortest person (maybe a foot above their head) then people will complain that the void above their cranium counts as an instant kill.

Furthermore you need to alter uniforms and equipment so that it doesn't clip into places it shouldn't or that hands hold weapons properly.


Based on my experience on GTASA modding, the hitbox and weapon hold points could automaticly changes with different scale of bones and models,I don't know if Arma could works the same way though...
It might be problem that there are something on the units like mags or grenades,they should maintain their size,thus they could have some more overlapping on rescaled unilts itself(just visual)

I don't know for sure about A3 but I do know that Arma 2 had a strict skeleton, and if you altered the size of anything to change where parts of the skeleton was then you would get deformations in body animations.

LOL wasn't this the biggest "issue" with adding female characters to the game?

"OH NOES UNFAIR ADVANTAGE" because they "must" be made shorter and thus have smaller hit boxes

"OH NOES UNFAIR SOMETHING SOMETHING" because the pixel of difference in body shape would mean a change in hit boxes etc. giving some advantage or disadvantage or something vague.

But suddenly here it's fine.

Honestly, female characters should be added before something like this is done (if at all). While you can add those without changing the gameplay, this definitely will.


Edit: @RogerMcAllen: Trust me, char models are the last thing that'll add to lag in such a messed up engine. Agree with the rest of your note though.

@SuicidieKing: that is the reason I posted this request. I had a look at the female soldier model feature request comments and all the whining and wanted to see if people would up vote this instead and they did as its now 50 vs 13 votes. Pretty hypocritical don't you think? It's time for some game publishers and gamers to check their values. There are female characters in most new games today and there is no real reason there shouldn't be female soldier characters in ARMA too.

...not to mention that the present administration has moved to allow females in at least some of America's Special Forces. The question is no longer "Why?" but "Why not?", as if to imply that there are no responses to the latter question. The military says that they have figured out privacy issues for females in combat deployable units. The way Rainbow Six 1 (and I believe Rogue Spear) handled this was by numerical entries in the character file, if I remember correctly.The game could be programmed to enforce minimum-maximum parameters to prevent body deformation and simulate military height and weight requirements (which, from my observation, were sometimes ignored, as with an old and large MSG who ran LRRPs into Cambodia and/or Laos).