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AI super accurate
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At high ranges (500-600m+) the enemy AI appear to be able to instantly find you and engage far too accurately


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Set AI in open are, get long ranged rifle and engage, the AI will then engage you very effectively making sniping pointless

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Yeah, the AI is a menace.. Dumb schizofrenic robots with super senses and aimbot..

set the skilllevel lower then you can have your easy game :)If you set it down to 0.1 some peoples seams to like it. They still use tactics but shoot worse.

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I never said I want an easy game, I am merely thinking of balancing, I am not saying the AI is too tough in combat, I am saying the AI has 'super senses', not realistic. Thank you kindly for your comment.

Please use search function before posting. We already have quite a discussion going under this ticket:

Welcome to ArmA. AI has always been significantly more OP even since CO.

Already covered by #0003480.