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weapons shoot high in CQB
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when shooting at enemies closer than 300 meters putting the aiming dot on thier nose area the bullet travels over thier head, at 400 meters there seems to be no bullet drop.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place reticle on an enemy closer than 300 meters.
  2. Pull trigger.
  3. watch the bullet hit the wall behind them.

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What you describe might actually be an intentional accuracy. Guns aren't zeroed in along the barrel IRL.

"After the trigger is pressed, the bullet you launch follows a parabolic trajectory. If you sighted along the barrel, it would start falling immediately. Since our sights are on an imaginary line that slopes the barrel up, the bullet initially rises, crosses the line of sight, rises to its highest point, falls back through the line of sight, and continues to fall until it impacts the ground. The points at which the bullet crosses the line of sight is the zero distance, and can be performed on either the close or distant crossing." Quote from, there's an image showing this as well.

So according to this, if you set the zero (which I assume is the second intersection ingame) to 300 meters, then you will hit a target thats closer than 300m, but further away than the first zero distance, at a higher point than what you're aiming at.

You say it flies over the head while aiming at the nose. The shots should get more accurate the closer you get to the first and second zero distances. If there is indeed an issue, its likely to be the scale of the ballistic arc the bullet flies on.

Or I might be completely wrong, and there is indeed a bug.

This is accurate. The rifle is zeroed at 300m. Anything closer and the point of impact will by "high."

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There is little to no bullet drop at 300 meters in real life unless you are shooting a shotgun(if you dont believe me try it), second of all I was using an Assault Rifle not a sniper rifle assault rifles dont have a range setting, 3rd of all I said the rifles are shooting high at 300 meters and are zeroed more like 400 meters and Lastly if you are clearing an area as in CQB you shouldnt have to Aim low in order to hit your target

The scopes of assault rifles are permanently adjusted for elevation of 300m. For anything further, you have to aim above your target. For anything closer, you have to aim below the target.

Reiber I don't believe you because I've disproved what you've said every time I take any of my nearly 30 rifles out to the desert 1/4 of a mile from my home.

What you said was that the bullet impacts or flies over the aimpoint at ranges closer than the zeroing range, and that is exactly how it works in real life.

When you have a weapon out it will show you in the top right "300m". That means it's zeroed to 300m so your point of aim will be the point of impact. If the target is closer, you have to aim low. Works exactly like it does irl.

other then zeroing the rifle it could be the dispersion itself.
bullets will vary up, down, left and right in general plus you have to keep in mind that bullets slow down over the time of flight (aka in the first 200 meters a bullet will drop less then in the next 200 meters)

the first 400 meters will have minimal affect on the bullets path (If shot level with the horizon a 5.56x45mm bullet will drop only 70-80cm (not exact), the difference between you forehead and your hip.

So essetially what you are saying is in CQB you should have to aim lower then your intended target due to the fact that you dont want it changed? My point is the zero is to high for CQB

in real life the highest aimpoint is your CQB target zeroing at 300 meters does not facilitate an accurate rifle in a battle inside of a compound which is what your Assault rifle is for and therefore either the Zeroing needs to get fixed OR the 300 meter marker needs to be fixed we are talking about a rise of 5-7 CM in a close quarters battle which is the difference between life and death.

Doesnt pg up and pg dn adjust the zeroing? I havent tried all guns and scopes, but I know in arma 2 you could set the zero to as little as 100m on some scopes

If you need to shoot in close quarters use a red dot sight, not a 4x scope.

All rifles in the game are default zeroed to 300m, and most are not configurable to change that value. The right course of action would be either forcing the player to aim low when engaging at distances lower than 300m, or allowing the zeroing to be configured/setting the zeroing at 100m.

Just shoot in chest, you won't get any achievements for a headshot.

we are talking realism, you shouldnt need to adjust your Aimpoint in CQB and 100 meters is a ridiculous setting the lowest any scope should go to is 200 meters due to the fact that there is No bullet drop at 200 meters.

Sure there are times you are going to need to shoot more than 200 meters however being an arma Veteran I know 85% of the fighting is going to happen inside of a compound or town so the fact that the CQB sights dont work right is detrimental to Operations and missions.

As for chest shots although great and I use them alot more than headshots if I am not under direct fire and can aim at the head due to the fact that the face does not have any Armor to mitigate the damage of my shot. I am going to try to take the enemy out in oine shot as opposed to 3 shots in the chest. if you havent noticed it is highly unlikely to hit an AI enemy in the chest more than once taking into consideration thier reaction to Fire(IE: they move after getting shot once) and the recoil of the rifles which is completely fine except the Automatic rifles which is another issue entirely.

There IS bullet drop at ANY given distance. Red dot sights are set to 300 m zeroing. They are not supposed to be adjusted in field. Bullets have parabolic trajectories. Between 300 and roughly 10 meters they fly higher than point of aim. Its just physics. Learn to adjust for it.

I get what you're saying, and there is a chance that maybe, just maybe, the scale of the parabolic trajectory ingame is weird. We can't say there is absolutely no error, but the physical mechanics in place are indeed correct.

I'm actually going to vote this up, just to get it cleared out. Only the devs can make sure there's absolutely no error in the code.

Another Quote from
"This sight setting does not eliminate the sight offset problem at close range! If you are within whites of their eyes distance to your target, you will have to aim high. If you want to hit someone in the ocular cavity box, aim at their hairline."
He's specifically talking about a distance closer than the first intersection between projectile path and aim line of sight. That would be pretty damn close. Funny, isn't it?

The "problem" occours only with RCO/ARCO scopes that have a red dot as backup sight.
If you use a red dot sight (those without a scope, can't remember the name) you wont have it.
Basically scopes and related backup red dot sights are zeroed at 300 while standard red dots are not (even if it still shows zeroing 300).

The zeroing is made on the sights, not on the gun.

"'s_rule%3B600%3B270 [^]

The 300 m zeroing (displayed at the top right corner) means that the scope angle is set so that the bullet is in the center of the crosshair at 300 m!!!!

If, you're closer than 300 m, the bullet is going slightly higher than you aim for"

The diagram you posted is correct, but you then explained it incorrectly. As you see in the diagram, the bullet comes out of the barrel below the point of aim. It then arcs up to your POA, crosses it, goes high(about 8 inches max), then arcs back down and crosses your POA again at ~300m.

Depending on how far you zero your rifle out is where your round will start to arc up above your point of aim. Most rifles are zeroed at 25 or 50m. This means that your round will be BELOW your crosshairs at 25-50m, and won't be SIGNIFICANTLY above it until ~ 150-200m. Some are even zeroed at 100m.

So all that said, a round going over someone's head at cqb distances is neither correct nor realistic. And the 20+ people that downvoted this thread then tried to offer their own "I own X rifles so I'm right", are in fact not right.

Jukk added a comment.Mar 14 2013, 9:52 AM

What MacScottie said. In fact unless the sights are directly aiming at the end of the barrel, there will be two distances where the bullet will hit the sighted target. It is possible, and probably even likely, that the first distance will be farther than your typical CQB engagement distance, which means that the bullet should hit the target at that distance even when aiming for the head.

This discussion is amazingly confusing and so I went into the editor and tested it myself, aiming at the nose and using the standard BLUFOR rifleman, my findings:

At 20, 50, and 75m, the bullet hits the target in the head.
At 100m, it goes very slightly above.
At 150m and beyond, it goes above, though I'm not sure how much.
At 300m the bullet hits approximately at the point of aim.

This seems realistic to me, I don't see what the problem is.

That's correct and realistically simulated.

p00d73 added a subscriber: p00d73.May 7 2016, 12:07 PM

Reiber (and others who complain about the ballistic model):

You have not the slightest clue as to what you're talking about and probably never even touched a rifle. To show your complete wrongness, I plotted the trajectories of standard ball 5.56x45mm NATO and 7.62x39mm Soviet. The fictional 6.8x39mm caseless would have a trajectory between those two (the velocity would be slower than the lighter 5.56mm but probably faster than the heavier 7.62mm):

Yeah like I said, I don't see a problem.

Reiber what weapon and sight were you using? Maybe the issue is with a particular scope/rifle combination, but I already tested both the MX with RCO and the Katiba with ARCO (both of which work realistically) and I'm not going to go over all of the different combinations in the alpha just to test an issue which, frankly, seems like a load of bollocks.

See #0000599.

It does indeed look like I closed this ticket in error. Sorry about that. :)

OK, I understand the trolls think they have it figured out BUT no matter the distance the highest point on the reticle should be a flat shot, what you are describing is a physical and balistic imposibility a Bullet will follow a straight Path out of the Barrel to the point it starts to lose velocity. at 300 meters All bullets are following a straight path you dont start to enter the arc until you hit 350-375 meters. If in fact your calculkations were correct the bullet would exit the barrel and immediatly start to arc upwards which in reality does not happen. I know rifles, I know how to adjust for wind, elevation,and how to correctly use breath control and trigger manipulation. the last 2 being foriegn to most of you I am sure. I was trained to be accurate with my rifle at further distances than most laypersons. when someone says they killed an animal at 300 meters and they think thats a long shot I have to bite my tongue. because I know I can make that shot cold bore in my sleep. so dont try to tell me how a bullet reacts as it leaves the barrel and how I have no idea what I am talking about due to the fact that I know Ballistics for 5.56, and 7.62 rifles, I guess a 6.5mm round could exit the Barrel and take a jump but looking at the other ballistics I highly doubt it.

I believe what the people here are talking about is this:

EDIT: Yeah, after reading the ticket description again, I would be inclined to close this issue with "no change required", since the reported weapon behavior is clearly intended by the developers and not considered to be a bug.

Unless you can come up with some specific way in which the current ballistics simulation is incorrect/unrealistic, this ticket will be closed soon.