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Unable to wear NVGs as Diver
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Its bad enough that Divers don't already start with them and binoculars, but I cannot even grab NVGs out of supply crates, they have a missing NVG icon next to their name meaning that its unequipabble, the only way I am about to use NVGs is by looting them off dead BLUFOR/OPFOR. This makes night time underwater infiltration useless once you hit the surface in pitch darkness.


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You can wear the NVG's you just need to take off your swimming goggles they dont spawn with them but if you find an ammo crate with them in it you can equip them, OR you can kill an enemy with them and steal his.

Taking off your swimming goggles would prevent underwater infiltration, the only to have both on is to loot them off a dead body which is not a convenient way to obtain them.

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"this addWeapon "NVGOGGLES";" adds them to the diver, ive tried them and they work perfect

Where do you put that in and does it work for MP?

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yes works in multiplayer, u put it in the units initialization section

Um, where is that?

Duplicate of #0003137.