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Stuck running -- can't shoot or anything
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The player gets stuck running/walking with weapon lowered and can't stop.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go to editor.
  2. Play as OPFOR autorifleman (confirmed for him)
  3. Tap ctrl twice or press m to open/close map in order to lower the weapon.
  4. Walk/run forward (hold W down).
  5. While running, tap RMB for optics simultaneous running+aiming.
  6. Release W.
  7. Tap RMB to leave optics.
  8. Won't stop running, can only throw grenades.
Additional Information

Steps 6 and 7 can be reversed -- the combination makes no difference. Also, I don't think the weapon should be able to be aimed through when lowered...

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Please, to avoid redundant reporting, use the search function before reporting new issues.

greglo added a subscriber: greglo.May 7 2016, 12:06 PM

Mine is the only reproduceable and useful one. It's not redundant - it's unique! How about you actually read the search results? Thanks.

I have to admit that your report is much better laid out, than those close to a dozen that have been posted on this issue before, and you do in fact provide the necessary steps for reproduction, but still it's a duplicate that could have been commented out within a prior report.

Your issue reporting is exemplary, I only point to the fact that the issue has already been brought up. Imagine how many reports the tracker administrator will have to go through, confirm and mark as resolved on the day that this one issue gets finally resolved.

(A sincere and non-passive aggressive) Thank you.

I'll vote up because it's a real issue but it's always come the way you described it, Your issue is not unique but you seems to be one of the few who know the steps to reproduce. Here's the post with the most vote up on the same issue. let's concentrate all votes on one so when can be heard.

Hello Touro,

Yes, but I doubt BIS will trawl through the comments of the other "close to a dozen" reports which are vague, so I made my own which is complete, clear and concise and provides all the info in one post. I have linked other people here. It is necessary sometimes to have a definitive post which can be considered primary and final (and you as noticed, this is a popular issue). Now you also can simply point people here too.

More work for the admin, but more efficient overall I think. Thanks for your concern.

Also the issue of aiming through a supposedly lowered weapon...

Your polite response and clarification reversed my vote. Keep up the good work.

I did a better search just now, you are right too -- the admin deserves a pay raise.


You are assuming that the dev's will actually take the time to read all of the comments from each report. I would much rather have a proper, separate, report explaining in detail how to reproduce the bug then the "first" report leaving the dev's scratching their heads while searching through lines of code on where there MIGHT be an error.

Just seems this one will actually help the dev's squash the bug faster.

Yea,..its kinda nightmare to add some info to these reports, but well,... I'll try it. My way to reproduce this "issue" that work all the time:

(1) Get in 'non-combat' stance (double-click left CRTL)
(2) Start running (hold W)
(3) Use zoom-in (press right mouse button)

In this condition the soldier start running and stop respond to most of the basic controls. Running can be stopped by:
(1) Use interaction menu, like switching to sidearm or open door
(2) Vault (press V)

I've experienced this with every character I have played, and every player any of my friends have played. It seems to be a universal bug, not just one specific to a certain character role.

I know it has more votes, but it came later and the repro is more confusing than #739, hence duping this ticket.