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bringing back the m4s/scars?
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indeed arma3 is set into the future, but it would be nice to bring back the good NATO classics such as the m4 models/ scar models. it be a nice addition to players who are still lovingly attatched to arma2, giving them a benefit of having both futuristic and realistic weaponary.


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models of the m4/scars can vary. for arma3's sake it can go to mk18mod1s to custom
m4 builds.

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This ticket is not needed. I can almost gurantee these weapons will appear in the full version of the game.

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I Haven't seen screenshots, and what can I say I'm still lovingly attached to my old girl. "I don't need a beauty queen, I just need my M16"

Yeah, the future stuff is all fine and dandy, but I want real weapons and vehicles to be in the game again. Future stuff makes it feel less real.

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Just wait for Mods, the game is set in the future and that's how its going to be so most likely no M16's until mods come out with them. Which in my opinion is good because I haven't seen moders do anything with in the future scope of arma 3 but i have seen them make modern weapons and models before

well from what i can hear, they might be bringing back a modified version of m4s and scars, no guarentee, hope this post gets through to the developers

"This ticket is not needed. I can almost gurantee these weapons will appear in the full version of the game."


I agree with W. Houck regarding us players waiting for addons. While I too have not seen a source stating that these firearms will be in the full version of the game by default, I'm almost positive we will see the Modding community add whatever is not present.

i understand but some of us aren't exactly perfect when it comes to installing mods, it would be great if they made some sort of maybe hk416 or a m4 hybrid
like this one , or even better, cause a arma game ain't exactly a arma game without some good ar goodies,

armauniverse (download arma2 pbos into arma3 through steam if u own arma2) please!

Weapons balanced well.No need to add more weapons.One army weapon types,one SF(If needs).Like I saw BLUFOR - ACR and TAR21 and OPFOR KH2002 and Abakan(?,saw ammo for them in editor).If you would like to see BLUFOR much real - how do you explain Uberfuturistic Iranian gear?
To me M4 and M16 are pretty old weapons irl,but cause quantities in the world armies it still stay served.


One of the reasons behind purchasing Arma3 was all this new futuristic, yet believable, gear. I like how does it look and "feel". When I miss my beloved M4 (no SCAR, please) I launch Arma 2, which with 20+ GB of mods is still very enojable and immersive. Besides, there is already a nice M4 mod for A3, with different paints and attachments.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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The M4 and M16 would be the equivalent of the AK-47 or Lee Enfield today. While you would still see them on the battlefield, they wouldn't be anyone's primary firearm.

You would more likely see weapons such as the H&K 416 or SCAR being used as the standard infantry rifle, as it takes many decades for a good rifle to be phased out. A perfect example of this is that the M16 was introduced in the 1960s to the US Military, and it is just now being phased out for the M4 in the Marine Corps.

In general though, the game isn't that far in the future, and weapon systems from 2013 would definitely still be around in the next 20 years.

Jep, present weapons would be much cooler

scar l and m4a1 *__*

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G36 Versions... K,C,MG... ?


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Lets wait and see whats FIA weaponry is in the final game.