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Grenade Physics
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Shot a grenade from the underslung grenade launcher right at an enemies feet and he lived. Also shot a tree with a grenade with an enemy about 2 feet to the left of the tree and lived as well.


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Damage from grenades aren't working as they are supposed to. Dropping a grenade at your feet then waiting for it to detonate will only seriously injure yourself. However I have not shot a grenade at an enemy soldier and not have him be killed. Will try this out on my own client.

I have had to physically hit the enemy with a grenade from the launcher to kill him. Hitting the ground at his feet or around him doesn't do the trick.

Nope. Underslung grenade launchers do AOE damage. Ranger is incorrect. I tried to replicate the problem but the enemy always died.

well i must have been unlucky with every grenade i launched in the infantry mission.

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Enemies laying down get reduced impact from explosion, also you and your teamates have better armor on lower difficulties, making you a bit tough, it's obviusly shit, but is fair to be able to turn down the difficulty.

Unable to reproduce in the latest dev build. There was recently a change in this area, so I'll presume this has been fixed.

If this issue is still reproducable for you, please create a new ticket for it.