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The Littlebird's tracer rounds.
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Seems that if you look down maybe at a 75 degree angle in the Littlebird and fire the tracers do not appear but when you point upwards they do.


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Steps To Reproduce

-Spawn a MH-9 (The armed version)
-Fly and aim downwards fairly low and fire
-Notice how there are no tracers then aim up and try to fire.

Additional Information

I have a video ( if needed. (This is not a advertisement or anything but watch it on 720p or higher because I have not edited and increased the brightness.

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The YouTube link takes me to "This video is private. If the owner of this video has granted you access, please log in."

ive you mean 3rd person view,then the tracers dont start to light right off the guns muzzle. the video is privat, put it atleast on not listed.

Unable to reproduce in latest dev build.