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Enemy soldiers do not react to flashlight w/o nightvision
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Enemies during the night (00:00) with no nightvision (Rifleman: Light) do not react when a flashlight is turned on from an enemy soldier. When flashlight left on AI could not hit me even when I was ~10m away from them with the light on.

I was repair specialist.


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Spawn enemy w/o nightvision, turn on flashlight from repair specialist or related occupation.

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I voted up, however there is one thing to think about:

A flashlight itself doesn't have a friendly/enemy tag attached to it. It could be an enemy stalking on you or a lost friendly team, trying to orient themselves in the dark and accidentally lighting at you.

Upon seeing a light, AI should become aware, that something is there, but there should be a measure included, to have the AI to first determine who is having the flashlight and to shoot only after identifying it's the enemy. Of course, bullets flying at the AI from the location of the flashlight, should automatically resolve the problem of identification.

The same applies to AI being blind to IR lasers, even if equipped with NVGs.

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

I think this has been fixed, seeing it in recent scouting missions.

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