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Suggestion? - Zoom toggle
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I know this website is supposed to be for bug fixing for BIS to improve the game, so I've set this to minor severity and low priority.
Something I've noticed from ArmA II is that there isn't the option to toggle zoom levels on foot or in a vehicle, as opposed to what you have to currently do, which is hold down '-' or '+'.

Personally I like to drive with the zoomed-out view, although holding the '-' whilst driving is very impratical. Might I also take the oppertunity to make the devs aware that the mouse sensitivity when driving is quite different to A2 and it's much harder to therefore steer with it (but if I increase my mouse sensitivity it will effect infantry and air vehicle etc too)



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There is a keybind to toggle.

Default it's a double tap of Num+/- but you can change to whatever you like.

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yes.. there is a keybind, but it's not working inside vehicles currently.

I agree here...I can toggle zoom as infantry but I cannot get the zoom-out to stick when I'm in a vehicle.

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