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Please add parachutes
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Parachutes are a very important part of ARMA. Please implement them :)


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100% urgent. how was this not applicable at alpha launch... logical thing to do would be to have parachutes and the ability to jump from a helicopter. should have been included.

Importing the assets from ARMA2 allows you to use Parachutes when ejecting out of airborne vehicles, but I agree that I found it weird that the helicopters in the alpha all do not offer an eject option.

I'm pretty sure in the confirmed thread on the Forums, HALO jumps were on the list, which means parachutes.

@replikant - If you get into the Kasatka, the copilot has the Eject option (only did it on the ground, so don't know if it's available in the air, but I can't imagine why it wouldn't be)

In my opinion, people shouldn't magically be given a parachute without having to take it from the inventory of the aircraft and equipping it before takeoff.

Also probably worth noting, most real world heli pilots don't carry parachutes. Nobody likes jumping head-first into what is essentially a blender.

ArmA is supposed to be a milsim. If you want wacky physics and hollywood antics, i hear the latest BF3 DLC is out.

Please read before you post stuff like this. This is an alpha where only about 15% of the content Exists. Parachutes have been a part of the game since OFP, They are not in right now because there is nothing you would parachute out of it. Its not realistic to parachute from a little bird because they have a very limited flight ceiling, so it would have been pointless to put them in right now.

If you would have bothered reading confirmed information about the game, they already stated there is parachuting in the full version of the game, including HALO jumps.

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Guys this is an ALPHA VERSION, We already know there are parachutes in the full version as it is in the demonstration videos. Please start posting posts that are vital to the improvement of the final Arma 3 release.

+1 to @Capt.Grace! I was about to write same;It's like you say "Why no tanks here?We need tanks!"
PLUS to I don't think we should worry about it.Reasons: 1. Already, skyfalling infantry appears on pre-alpha release gameplay video in Youtube. 2. ARMA2 has it, so will ARMA3.

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COD fucking kiddies

Parachutes will find their way into the game, MAYBE in the beta but for 100% in the full. It is already confirmed

We are very sorry, this issue was closed as no-bug.

Parachutes will be in the game but are in development and not ready-to-use yet.

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