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Setting Lightning to 100% produces no effect
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When setting the lightning in the mission editor, there is no effect in the mission.


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Start a mission.
Go to the weather.
Set rain to 100%
Set Lightning to 100%
Start game.

... no effect.

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Have been wondering this too, confirmed.

Just tried it out, same results.

Confirmed. Doesn't work

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I get flashes on my Intel q9450 w/hd7850. But its just the screen flashing white for about 1/4second with a thunder noise. Not very well implemented yet I assume because of alpha. Out of interest what cpu/gpu are you guys running?

im running Arma 3 with a: I7 2600 and a Radeon HD 6950 2GB. Cant see lightning and sound. Settings on ultra and 6000 m of draw distance.

Nvidia GTX550 running driver version 310.19, AMD Phenom 9550 quad core, 4 GB RAM, Windows 7 64 bit. View distance set at 3200m, most settings on High.

I have seen a lightning flash exactly once at the start of a MP mission someone else set up. No sound. Nothing before or since. All my tests in the editor (100% lightning, 98%, 95%) show no lightning at all.

Can't hear any thunder sounds, rain not present either on 100% settings.

Most enviro sounds also quiet, would be nice to have a slider to adjust environment sounds separate to gun/vehicle/other effects.

Lightning works in the latest dev build. Consider fixed.