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bullet impact and explosions on water
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I've never been to war but I just feel like bullet impacts and explosions need to be a little more intense, just looking at all those youtube videos of actual combat. More dust, higher water splashes. Could be a mod idea but it'd be nice if it came like that.


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Look at how ACE2 for arma2 did it, thats pretty good. Arma3's current effects are a step backwards.

More so with explosions on the water (mortar, missiles, etc.) I understand that they do explode when they hit water, almost always, but perhaps particles with less fire and smoke and more water when the missile or round hits the water.

For bullets, when they hit the water they break up on impact around a foot underwater. The reason is that the bullet is travelling at a very high speed and water slows it down which causes the bullet to shred. That would be the area where you are most likley to get wounded.

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They were too big before.

Much better now.

Still there is a problem with water impacts. Grenade launcher explosion on water is causing ground particles appearing like debris. Also there is too much smoke after explosion on the surface of the water so the whole splash is covered by it. Bullets do not penetrate the water surface. Overall water physics seems not done yet like choppers bouncing off the water surface, no underwater fronts simulation, lack of lighting curve affected by water. It would be strange if it would end up like this in final version considering that Directx 11 was implemented.

Exactly. Throw a frag grenade into the ocean. When it hits the surface of the water, there is no splashing particle effect.

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