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impossibility to look back (camera rotation issue)
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Sometimes, I am unable to rotate my head of more than ~30° to my left and right, meaning that I can't look back for instance! Concretely, if I move my mouse to the right or left, at some point the weapon will get stuck on an invisible wall on the screen.


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Seems to happens randomly...

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I find it bizarre that it is not yet reported. Am I doing something stupid that causes the camera angle to be locked in such a way?

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discard the "0000024:0000030°" in the description I meant 30° and I don't know how to edit it.

The invisible walls on the weapon only happen for me im looking down the sights, and hold alt to look around, and i thought it was suppose to be like enabling deadzone or what ever that shit is.

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Turn off 'Aim Deadzone' in settings.
It does not work properly right now.

+1 both cory and EDcase

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