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Unable to crouch with NLAW/RPG
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Player is unable to transfer from standing still to crouched while holding rocket launcher, when using keybinding "Crouch (toggle)".


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Steps To Reproduce
  • rebind crouch action to "Crouch (toggle)"
  • in editor place AT rifleman, hit preview
  • kneel
  • switch to AT weapon
  • stand up
  • try to kneel again

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Since AT weapons have enormous recoil I think it's impossible to use them crouched, except for weapons that don't blow air from the back (javelin)

Note: bug is not present when moving, only static transition is bugged.

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I think NLAW is meant to be launched crouched

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Enormous recoil? Almost all modern AT weapons are recoiless rocket launchers lol

I've attached a pic of a soldier firing an AT4 (one of NLAW predecessors) in the prefered firing position. If anything, recoiless weapons will push you forward, not back.

Oh sorry I tought you were talking about proning :).

Noticed the same problem, although it actually works with the key you bind for "Up" (aka toggle crouch, edit: now "Crouch / Stand") but not the one for "Crouch" (edit: now "Crouch (Toggle)").

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I don't like how, if you're prone and switch to NLAW, your person will stand-up from your hiding prone position exposing yourself to enemy.

A solution would be to remove the NLAW option from the switch weapon menu while prone! This solution will prevent new users from using it, and won't bother those that already know as they'll stand or crouch to use it.

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Or just make it possible to fire it from prone? I'm pretty sure you can fire it from prone position like many other launchers. The back blast shouldn't be too much for that since the weapon is designed so it can be fired from confined spaces. And yes, they are almost completely recoilless so that shouldn't affect firing from any proper stances.

Maybe someone who has actually fired one or received training in handling NLAWs can confirm this.

EDIT: Yes, the stance switching is a real hassle. Voted up.

Please reedit this issue to better describe of the problem. When we tried to reproduce this the result was:

  1. When you are in stand or crouch stance and swicht to the other one there is no problem.
  2. Whatever position you are with AT weapon in hands and you switch to prone stance you put the AT weapon on your back.
  3. If you try to switch to AT weapon while in prone you stand up - that is reported as bug.

Ticket updated.
I use old ZXC keybinds for stances.
Still reproducible in 0.55.104356.

Took look at this to, and yes there is no longer the issue present while crouching & switching to rocket/law anymore. The person remains either crouching within the latest developer version here, or the person can also switch to crouch position from standing with the NLAW.

For switching to NLAW from prone, I also think could add or prefix the rocket entry menu item with "Weapon: Stand Up & NLAW". However you state it is a bug, so should be able to switch to NLAW while in prone position.

^ This ticket is not about prone. Read updated description. There is issue with specific keybinding.

I also had this problem when using ZXC (stance toggle) keybinds

Recently switched to the crouch / stand, prone / stand controls, haven't tried to reproduce with those, will edit when I have.

*EDIT* -- Ok so using a "Crouch / Stand" keybind you can toggle between standing and crouched while you have a launcher equipped.

Just a problem with the Crouch (Toggle) control then.

Not present/not reproducable in current version.

STILL PRESENT in build 0.61.106341 (just tested it right now).

Just in case it isn't clear yet : the problem is with the "Crouch (Toggle)" keybinding, not the "Crouch / Stand" keybinding.

edit : by the way this doesn't make any sense, "Crouch / Stand" is what works as a crouch toggle, "Crouch (Toggle)" should be renamed "Go crouch", or just "Crouch".

Reproducable in latest dev build.
Please read the first step.

Likely the 3D animation modeling for switching to such weapons as LAWS/RPG's is not yet implemented, due to the animation being more of a feature still at this early stage.

Should be able to lay prone on the ground and switch and fire such a weapon.

Only one of the crouch buttons is bugged. The other works.

Still present in 0.77.109586
Note crouching works when using "Crouch / Stand Up" opposed to "Crouch (Toggle)" keybind.

Seems to be fixed (as of 1.05.11471). :)

Confirming fixed.

In-game the weapon is named PCML.

Exactly, I don't know what people get NLAW from when that's not what it is.

Because it was called NLAW during the alpha, as it was the NLAW in Arma 2 and it still is the NLAW in real life...

It's still not an NLAW :P It is whatever the label says it is. Because unlike real life this is a game.

@Astaroth I've checked - it's resolved. Ticket can be closed.

Astaroth closed this task as Resolved.Sep 3 2019, 3:54 PM

Thanks for confirmation.

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