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AI doesn't pick ammo/weapons from crates
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In ArmA 2, AI was automatically picking ammo from crates. There in ArmA 3 they cannot! Please fix it! (BTW I hope that AI in final game will be at least solid as the ArmA 2's, which is very good ATM.. ArmA 3's AI is just terrible)


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AI Control / Commanding
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go to editor
  2. Create BLUE unit as player
  3. Next to him create RED unit controlled by AI, set him ammo to 0
  4. In front of RED unit create Ammobox for RED.

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I believe this only happened in ArmA 2 with mission scripting or a mod. It is long overdue. Artificial intelligence should be intelligent enough to at least ask for permission to resupply and pick up OPFOR souvenir weapons (assuming they aren't boobytrapped).

Vote up. Major issue IMO due to needing AI to scavenge just as much as any player does.

Now in version 0.55.104711 they are trying to collect ammo from ammoboxes but then they stuck and don't do anything.

EDIT: SO... When you set them from editor to have ammo 0, then they normally (after really really long time) get ammo from box and start shooting

When you don't set them ammo 0, then happens what I've written on the very top of this comment.

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Had civs ecuiped with P07 and uniform_shirt. All these uniformed Civs were aggressive to all forces except civs and shoot them all down. All Civs, also them with civilian clothes, tried a long time to equip on a nearby quad but were not successful. Looks funny. I set agression for independent to all. Don't know if civs consider as independent.

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If the AI has less then 3 Magazines they will go to the next ammocrate and try to refill. As refilling does not work, they are stuck in the grab animation at the nearest ammo crate. To fix this make sure that the AI has 3 Magazines for primary and secondary weapon.

You might have to add a backpack for larger Magazines. For example for the "LMG_Mk200_ACO_F" weapon and the "200Rnd_65x39_cased_Box_Tracer" magazines.

Okay. So AI now correctly collects ammo from boxes, but when there is no ammo in the box the AI will become stuck doing grab animation over and over again. Besides that, I'm really happy with these AI changes! They are now much better!


Also they don't appear to register magazines on nearby corpses.