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Hear gunfire on radio
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This is a feature request.
If the radio where you can talk into your microphone and transmit voice to others will be in the game, if it's possible I would like to be able to hear gunfire and sounds on the radio too.
I do not know if it is possible, but I think it would add to realism.


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Would be nice to hear background noise on the radio, seconded.

Thats pretty cool. Would add a nice "oh man i really gotta help them" if they yell for reinforcements :D

thumps up for this one!

Basically an audio "picture in picture", lol.

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I commanded a mission once, where the person relaying info back to me from a busy battlefield, had speakers on his desktop, so whilst he was screaming down the radio, i could here his surrounding hell :) . Which was even better once the radio stopped and I heard the muffled gunfire in the distance.

Unfortunately with gaming headsets, this cannot be achieved. You therefore also have the issue of doubling the sound coming over from those broadcasting and having speakers.

Sorry to point out that flaw, because I REALLY would love this to work somehow, and have voted yes, but it will need some clever cancelation of sound and programing to account for this.

I've been wanting this since the first game. Would be nice to have.

ben, you have zero clue what you're talking about. all you'd need to do is broadcast the sounds(excluding the low ones of course like grass, etc), with a slight radio static noise filter, occurring for player a, when he presses the voice message button to player b, c, d, etc when they are hearing it.

This is a neat idea, but I wonder how this will drag down the performance of the server. The server would have to locate the player making the transmission, take sounds within an x radius and then re-iterate and integrate said sounds into the radio transmission.

Sure, it probably wouldn't be too bad, but I'm concerned with all the feature requests coming in that we need to be careful what ends up in, because if ALL of them end up in, and they all chew up a small percentage of power for use, eventually it adds up.

However I still voted this up because I think this is a pretty neat idea.

I don't think it would take a large toll on any ressources. Each player needs to hear the sorrounding noises anyway so everything that needs to be done is to copy his audio exit, tune it down a bit, add the voice stream and some static and there you are...

Thank you for all of the support, people. Hopefully we can get this in the game in a future update!


It actually would have to repeat that information again to the part of the script that listens and repeats audio.

I'm only trying to play the devils advocate here, just being that if we add a lot of little things like this, believe me it starts to bog down servers.

I think that isn't realistic because military headphones have noise filter

that be interesting to see

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Thank you very much for considering it!

That could be a nice feature combined with ACRE !


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This would be an outstanding feature to have. The immersion you'd get would be amazing when the game is all polished and purdy.

b101uk added a subscriber: b101uk.May 7 2016, 11:55 AM

The idea goes a bit to pot in the case of throat microphone, which would be virtually mandatory for divers or people needing to communicate very quietly/clearly in both noisy environments and quiet environments alike, or people subject to lots of wind noise.

It appears opfor either all have throat mic or no radio, though most blues have boom mic bar snipers, spotters and divers which must thus have throat mic.

To add to the request,

Add to the existing commands..





So for example, when using the sideChat command, as you would normally do you would set the unit to speak.

bob sideChat "Hi there!"

But if we add a number to the end, for the amount of seconds Bob's radio is open for (this is used for scenarios where voice acting isnt possible) such as..

bob sideChat ["Hi there!", 3];

For 3 seconds, no matter where bob is, whether by the sea, on the battlefield, in a vehicle, we can hear what is going on around him.

If we dont want to hear whats going on in the background, simply use the command as normal.

This could also be incorporated with the say command. Obviously you would voice act a scene, save each sentence as a .ogg, define it in description.ext (i think) then use the say command or whatever the real command is.

Once this is used it will automatically open up the radio so you would hear the dude speak at the same time in the background you can hear what is going on around him. Or you can set it in the description.ext to NOT open up the ingame background audio for that specific .ogg file.

They should just incorporate an ACRE-like module so you had the option to have it or not, this idea would then be added to said module.

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This would be very neat. A "Sound in Sound" feature..

Well, from a prospect of a fellow developer - it can be done, although will require some magic.

To make such feature working, the following needs to be done on the client:

  • On the client, all sounds must be divided into two streams: environment sounds (gunfire, vehicle sounds, other persons heard directly) and "local" sounds (GUI clicks, other persons speaking over radio);
    • The "local" stream does not require to be incorporated into radio transmission, so it should just be played to output;
    • The environmental stream should be captured into memory AND played onto the sound output device;
  • When speaking, the voice captured over microphone should be "copied" in two streams, one should be transmitted directly without modification (to facilitate direct speech);
  • The second input stream should be mixed with the environment stream (step 1) and sent over network as well to facilitate radio speech.
  • The server will just distribute streams based on "need to hear" basis (based on channels, player location, etc.), as it does now (the logic will change, but just a little)
  • The client receiving the streams should perform the remixing described on step 1.

This scheme is complex enough, but solves all possible problems "by design" - i.e. does not require feedback suppression, does not have problems with explosions being doubled when a person speaks "directly", etc. The two downsides are doubled VOIP network load (though the bandwidth required is fairly low ATM) and a requiredment to perform signal mixing on the CPU - though the latter factor is negligible, considering ArmA would unlikely ever load all the cores of the modern processor.

So, it can be done, but requires a fair bit of tinkering.

very good idea!

idea is very great, upvoted!