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No PhysX in alpha??
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Reassure me, PhysX has not been implemented in the alpha is not it?

Because that's what we were promised for the vehicle physics:

And this is what we have in reality:

Admit that it's not quite the same thing!
The physical reaction of the vehicle and item sets is much more realistic in the first video!


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PhysX is NVidia proprietary stuff, I'm not sure it's a good idea (for this particular thing anyway) as it will probably cause issues in MP where people might have AMD cards.

Go buy a Nvidia card! ;-)

I have both actually (on different computers). But more to the point I think the physic simulation might not be fully implemented yet (and is in need of lots of tweaks anyway).

Also, you dont need an AMD card to use PhysX in ArmA 3, because the PhysX is supposed to be handled by the CPU and not the GPU in this soft. So the argument saying that there is no PhysX because it's a property of Nvidia is not valid.

Yes, PhysX are being used in the alpha, though the physical parameters and configuration of each object is WIP.