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Locked forward movement
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After Entering 3rd person, lowering weapon (dbl-lft-ctrl), starting to move forward, right clicking to ADS, and exiting ADS: movement is locked in a forward jog. The movements keys are unresponsive as is right click. Space bar and switching weapons breaks the forward movement.


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Start the Editor.
Choose Stratis.
Insert a Rifleman AT as Player (BLUFOR/Blue/Men/Rifleman (AT)).
Click on the Preview button.
Hit numpad 'enter' to enter 3rd person view.
Double tap left-control to lower weapon.
Hold 'w' to move forward.
While moving forward right mouse click to aim down sights.
Right mouse click to leave aim down sights.
Locked in forward movement with left arm hanging down to model's side.

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Yeah, had this to several times in MP but never know how i get to that.
Definitely an UP.

I also tried it a few times in Mulitiplayer!

Yes I''ve had that too multiple times. For the moment you can disable the walking animation loop by changing weapon.

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Duplicate of #739