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'overcast' clouds penetrating sky dome
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Setting the sky to mostly overcast at night and viewing thru NVGs the apparent cloud 'cards' appear to be penetrating and occluded by the sky dome. See screenshot. {F17593} {F17594}


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Start the Editor.
Choose Stratis.
Insert a Marksmen as Player (BLUFOR/Blue/Men/Marksmen).
Click on Intel.
Set time to 0215
Set 'overcast' to high
Click on the Preview button.
Turn on NVGs
Observe clouds in the sky

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Cant be having that nonsense!

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could it be viewdistance?

Not view distance. No change regardless of distance settings.

It appears to be linked with issue #0002929. It happens at the same times at dusk and dawn. On default editor day, 6th July 2035 it happens at 00:30/01:00 (gradual change) - 03:01:45 (sudden change) and at 21:06:45 (sudden change) - 21:20/21:25 (gradual change).

please fix its crazy and a right put off.

Can you please sen us complete video of this as we cannot reproduce this bug. Might be helpful sending your HW configuration as well.

Thank you.

Here is a recording of the issue, my dxdiag is attached to the issue here.

Forgive the music, I'm not a filmmaker and freeware software installed for this occassion added it by itself.