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NVGs for Divers
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NVGs work underwater so why not make Divers start with NVGs like normal infantry do, it would be suitable for night operations instead of just swimming in complete darkness, etc.


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Not sure you can wear NVG's in front of your diving mask in real life. However you should have them in your inventory for when you get out of the water.

Would be nice to have them in your inventory. In fact, it would be nice if diving goggles were moved to the NVG slot, since they (I suspect) don't usually function underwater/in front of goggles.

Or perhaps add a flashlight for underwater night operations but still have NVGs in your inventory so when you reach the surface your not blind.

they do exist ..

well at least if you dont dive too deep. Could be a nice feature, in addition to underwater lights.

Spec Ops divers usually swim in complete darkness and orientate themselves only with a compass. However, it would be enjoyable to have NVG in diver's inventory.

I'm not sure you would see much underwater without a IR-flashlight.

NVG's use the light of the night sky while on land, the question is if it is realistic to be able to see good underwater.

If it only works with an IR-flashlight it would bring many lol moments when you could clearly see the diver trying to sneak up to your base! :)

Mission makers can add NVGs to the divers on a mission by mission basis, I don't really see much point in giving them NVGs by default.

Thats like saying I don't really see much point in giving NVGs to land infantry by default.

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In real live we divers don't use NVG's... Its just a uncomfortable object when diving... The only NV option is when you have a full face mask

This is a game, not real life, your not feeling what your characters feeling, only seeing.

If not nvg, maybe light stick for underwater (with the oxygen bubbles please ! :p )

If NVGs is too much of a big deal and a hassle, at least some sort of light source would do, and at least NVGs for Divers when they reach topside, so they can continue operations if at night.

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CapinDodo, You know that this is a MilSim.. So a simulator, wich should be as realistic as possible

Leave that to ACE.

Leave this at ArmA3 vanilla ;)

IT IS a military simulator without mods.

I don't see why people complain about such a little ask, this is for the sake of those core gamers that have to use low settings and can barely see shit at night compared to players with higher graphic settings. Even at dawn when the sun is rising players with low graphic settings still can't see, it would show up as if it was still the middle of the night. No I am not one of those players but I have a lot of friends that have this problem and probably other players out there. Not everyone is a hardcore player out there that can adapt to the nightime, especially with low graphic settings.

This would be a handy feature for those players who prefer to use NVGs or have low graphic settings, besides if you don't want to use NVGs you don't have too, you could just dump them if you really didn't want to use them but at least add the option to start with it. Is this too much to ask for? why are some people so against this, I don't get it. Its just adding a simple feature that already applies to standard infantry.

if NVGs would work underwater (in an effective way that is) don't you think the most known special forces would use them instead of navigating in full blindness underwater ?

@Kid Are you not getting the point, Im requesting this on behalf of core gamers/gamers with low graphic settings, not everyone can navigate in full blindness underwater and besides, there are NVGs made for use underwater. Also what about when they get topside, are they going to navigate blindly on land? Whats gonna happen when enemy divers engage you, you going to shoot blindly too? And I don't know how many members of armed forces or special forces play video games but I don't expect the majority of ArmA or Core gamers to be apart of the "known special forces" category, sorry if Im mistaken.

You can equip NVGs anyways... you just can't use them underwater, so you are good for when you are on land.

About people with low graphics, i don't see the problem since low or max graphics you'll still see black underwater at night.. ?

Also, the part about RL special forces navigating blind underwater with just some tools like compass and such, was to actually keep up my point about NVGs not working effectively underwater.

Still, this is my opinion only, anyone may agree or may not, still this has my downvote

@Kid My friends use low settings, I currently use high settings and I can see fairly clearly at night and at dusk/dawn, but my friends can barely see anything at night and both dusk/dawn, this means they will be able to barely see at all in a mission that uses these times, whether they are underwater or topside, this applies to any other players with low graphic settings or cannot adjust to seeing at night well.

Equip NVGs from where I don't notice them starting in the goggle slot and Divers that start with Backpacks are usually Explosive Specialist and do not carry in NVGs in those, what about those missions where you don't start with NVGs, where are you gonna equip them from? Navigating with a compass underwater is one thing, but engaging enemy divers in the dark is another.

I highly doubt that any mission maker, making a night mission, wont equip (via editor) divers with NVG or provide an ammo box where you can take them from

Graphic quality doesn't affect brightness, tell your friend to turn up the gamma. Different monitors and graphics cards render things at different brightnesses.

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+1 Wallace15nd for pointing out the easiest solution. Takes 5 seconds to do and to adjust back when there is enough daylight.

To be honest, compared to Arma 2, Gamma and Brightness barely change anything when turned up to maximmum. I have tried it before and so have they.

Well in editor you could just give your guys NV goggles. (Idk if you're referring to this or not.)

Add this into the player description (or whatever box is below the "NAME" text box.

/// this addItem "NVGoggles"; \\\

\\\it's something like that. You may have to replace "Item" with something else.

For other missions you're at their mercy.

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