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Clipping Through Walls
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It's possible to walk straight through building walls, generally by sidestepping at an angle and turning at the same time. Clipping your arms through a wall also allows you to shoot through it (and be shot). {F17575} {F17576} {F17577} {F17578}


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Any building, any wall - just sidestep into and turn towards it at the same time. Doing it at just the right place and angle will force you clean through the wall.

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The AI is making great use of this "tactic" They'll lay down and their gun will clip through the wall, somehow allowing them also to see through the wall and engage targets.

Was going to make a seperate post about this but The main problem is the clipping and the AI is just a symptom.

Added 2 screenshots of my mate sitting in the wall

and one AI standing in the wall

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

@Astaroth I've checked - it's resolved. Ticket can be closed.

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Thanks for confirmation.

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