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Switching weapons while moving
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When we switch weapons it stop moving to make the animation. It breaks the gameplay in my opinion, so I think we should be able to move when switching weapons.


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Switch weapons.

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This seem gamey and unrealistic to me and I don't like it. If however there was a way to throw away your rifle as you were moving and pulled out your pistol, then I might perhaps start to like this idea of switching weapons when moving.

Maybe just slow down the speed of the movement? Example: walk if in run mode. I just dont like when it stop abruptly just to switch between the rifle or the pistol, that is unrealistic.

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Yes, switching weapons while moving is an absolute must. Reloading while on the move was advertised as a groundbreaking feature back in the days and switching to a side arm or shouldering a launcher should receive the same attention. It should be restricted to slower paces and when the hands are free however. Not while vaulting, not while being prone and so on.

Treehugger, it's definitely not unrealistic. On the range, we practice transition tactics all the time. I generally use a single point sling on my battle rifle, so essentially I 'drop' my gun and draw my sidearm in a fluid motion, and moving while doing so is a must.
Skipped most of the video because it was all talk, but here's a moving transition in action.

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This really needs to be implemented, It's really odd that you just instantly stop when switching weapons, though this probably should not be something you can do while running full speed

If we can reload while moving, we definitely should be allowed to switch a weapon while moving.

Duplicate of #0001819.