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Suggestion : Special forces techniques
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It would be great to have some special forces techniques such as the possibility to jump from an helicopter into the sea, the possibility as a passager to fire from an helicopter, the possibility for the divers to have silent weapons which can fire into the water (for infiltrations missions), the possibility to use a knife or close combat techniques and also the possibility to recreate what the french special forces call the "grappe" (cluster) : the action of infiltrate or exfiltrate a position where a chopper can't land attached to a rope under the helicopter (see picture attached). {F17568} {F17569}


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Cool thoughts!

Is this not safer than French method?
It would only take a few seconds more to get everyone out

Yep, it is safer for an infiltration... but it can't be used as exfiltration technique.

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As a general note, I'd like to add that this has use in water based exfiltration scenarios. Since helicopters currently have no drop ladder/line into the craft, the only option is to take waterborne allies by lowering yourself close to the ocean, which often results in a fraction of the helicopter becoming submerged. (this may be a bug in itself) During my attempts at such a maneuver the submergence of a fraction of the landing skids caused the character to tunnel vision and slightly gray out, while plunging the helicopter into the ocean killing the lot.

I think i read that fastroping will be supported in the engine for A3. Just on a note for rope insertion.

I really love the idea of the grappe! I'd also love to see some ways for interaction between aircraft and boats (ex. Airdrop a RHIB out of a CH-47, the crew paradrops right afterwards), as well as airlifting. Sweet glorious airlifting.

Scripting knife-kills "shouldn't" be so difficult.
AddAction "Silent takedown" to enemy soldiers, and when triggered, lock both player and enemy and play a silent kill animation.

You can already jump in the water from a helicopter (it's a bir glitched now but you can and the glitch has been reported already).
Would be cool to see that kind of exfil techniques

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I agree with that, this technic is mostly used by the CPAs which are from the Air Force. Though it should be difficult to script.

About the close combat... Arma series are alone with that... *cough**cough*

In American SOF we call this SPIE Rigging. Special Patrol Infiltraion and Exfiltration. You can do it wet or dry. It is used when a Helicopter can't land to drop you off, but they can't hang around long enough for you to repel. It is fast but extreamly dangerous. SPIE Rigging would be an awesome addition to this series. Normally, if you are using SPIE rigging you will fly to a spot, get out of the helo and attach to the line. Then get flow to the area, like really thick jungle, lower in and unhook, do your mission. Fun times!

As long as it doesnt lead to clumsly controls and over-cluttered menus Im all for it.

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Once the "crash on contract with water" bug is fixed, if like to be able to extract by driving a crrc into a Chinook or other large helicopter.

Melee / CQB: #2714
Firing from vehicles: #2452
Rapelling / fast roping: #3909

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