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Where are the shotguns?
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How come there are no shotguns available? I would love to see at least the most famous shotguns available today like the Remington 870, Saiga-12, USAS-12, DAO-12, SPAS-12 and especially Benelli M1014 semi-automatic shotgun? Will they become available at a later date perhaps?


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"Just do what I tell you". ~Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Moar user content such as this is planned. It's only alpha after all.

A list of "at the very least, these things WILL be in finished game" would be nice

You do realise that this is an Alpha and only a minuscule amount of weapons are currently in the game right? The point of this is to find/fix performance issues and bugs. Itemization is probably the last priority.

I do realize this is an alpha as well, but I would have liked to see one shotgun. Just so we have a slight bit more variety other than 3 rifles that use 6.5, 2 that use 7.62 and 1 that uses 5.56.

With the rest of the game to be distributed later this year.

I do understand it's still in an alpha-stage. I'm not that kind of newbie.

I imagine there are no shotguns for the same reason that there are no planes and no Independent units.

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raklodder, try reading next time, it almost says "new content will come dont rage about it" almost at every second loading screen

can we please refrain from stupid questions like these, the alpha is for fixing bugs and fine tuning, it is NOT feature complete and as such submitting a report for "i want such and such in the game!" is pointless. this is not a forum for requesting features or specific items.

not trying to be a dick just seeing way too much of this sort of thing.

Indeed. You are right. I stand corrected.

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Maybe the bots should learn to fight in a house before we give them shotguns

Just wanted to point out to everyone hating on this guy for this post that this is past final release and first campaign episode, no shoguns have been added and we've heard no news about the possibility of adding them

Why would anyone not want more variety of weapons is beyond my comprehension.

What are mods? Jesus Christ people, this is ArmA, not CoD where if you use two monitors it'll get you banned.

Is it that much of a problem to add some shotguns? Why not just ask a mod maker if they can go off of their concept and put them in the credits? Or better yet, just take the shotguns straight from a mod, tweak them, and put them in. Besides, not everyone wants to get mods.

I found a preview page of Dslyexci's ArmA 3 Tactical guide. If you guys don't know, he is very "in" with BIS.
There was a page that had pictures and descriptions of two shotguns: the AA12, and a semi auto one called the "Bulldog." Perhaps there are some shotguns on the way along with some of the next campaign episodes?

the shotguns are lost to space along with XM-25s and F-35s. :P be patient

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I don't think shotguns would be very effective. Everyone's wearing advanced body armor and there's no need to use them for breaching doors. Not a big deal to me either way.