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Gauges of helicopters are not visible throught nightvision nvg
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When nvg is used in ah9 i.e. gauges are too bright and not visible {F17555} {F17556}


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set night
be a pilot of ah9
use nvg and look on gauges

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Yup, instruments were bright as hell with NVs on.

Please add an "NV Mode" for instrument clusters


JNC added a comment.Mar 9 2013, 12:35 AM

Actually... in the first pic the instruments arent even illuminated, that's just ambient light

Please add instrument lighting of any kind!

For realism's sake, there may need to be a different approach. In real life you will not be able to read instruments through NVG's; pilots look under the tubes to see helicopter instruments when they need them if they don't have other options; in fact the "NV" lighting setting is designed to let a light filtering coating on NVG's keep glare from the instruments from obstructing the view through the tubes. Basically, it changes the instrument lighting to a wavelength that will be almost completely blocked by the NVG's.

One option is to have a HUD with customizable data feed into the NVG's themselves (which is a real thing). You have to get used to the HUD staying in front of you everywhere you look, but it does the job.

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Duplicate of #6806
(this report is older, but fewer votes)