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Grenade throwing too fast/unrealistic
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In my opinion the grenade throwing in ArmA 3 (Alpha) is very unbalanced due to the speed of it, throwing a grenade is just way too fast and thus also unrealistic, I've actually seen multiplayer CQC battles only fought with grenades because they're faster than regular weapons and also when one puts the singleplayer difficulty to "Veteran" or higher that person wouldn't be able to react adequatly to enemy fire anymore because the AI soldiers would just start throwing literally hundreds of grenades when that person would take cover behind a rock or similar objects.


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Either: just slow down the whole animation(easy way), or add in another animation where one actually pulls out the pin of the grenade.

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I agree. There should be some delay before you manage to throw the grenade as you need to take it out for use, pull the pin, etc.

But as far as I recall, the devs have said the feature is not quite done yet.

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I like it the way it is.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but you can't even hear the pin being pulled from the grenade. That and the incredible throwing speed feels very unrealistic. Sorry, but even COD (<- mentioning this game here feels like an insult and shouldn't be necessary) feels more realistic in that way.

Agreed. Slow it down a bit, just a tiny bit. Add a bit of pause between grenade throws.

Duplicate of #0000830.