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Decreased game performance within the .40 gun armoredcar
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A "lag" occurs when entering the combat vehicle GMG in the "Showcase - Vehicles" mission and use the .40-caliber weapon. That camera vision doesn't make the fps drop (according to FRAPS) but gives the feeling of falling about 10 ~ 15 fps. I believe it would have no reason to consume more performance because of the camera on the screen (where the camera rear of the vehicle, which is constant, not consuming anything but).


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My game keeps the average of 20 fps (30 standing).

Unfortunately an error occurs while trying to upload a printscreen.

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I was just about to report this myself, but after a little testing it appears that this is purely a Picture-in-Picture issue. Even with PiP on Low, my FPS drops by around 40% regardless of other graphics settings.

I have tested this with a variety of vehicles and settings. If you disable PiP in the Render section of your Video options then your FPS will be back to normal.

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Duplicate of #2940

Closing dupe.