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Client performance bottlenecked by Server performance (simple solution)
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If I'm not mistaken, client performance is dependent on the servers internal update rate.

It would be very useful if the server browser list also revealed server performance in addition to ping/playernumber/etc.


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This is a good idea. If we could see server fps in server browser we could steer away from bog down servers and not exaserbate the problem anymore.

Ohh yeah. Damn fine idea!

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There should be an addition to the server browser which shows server hardware performance and server internet connection performance (bandwidth, as ping is not everything).
So when somebody starts up a (dedicated) server a short bechmark should be run and the result should be visible in the server browser for everyone.
You also should be able to filter out low power servers with filters. That way shitty servers won't get any attention and go offline.
Now it is very frustrating for new players as they think it is the game that is horribly optimized and not the low specs servers run by some users.

Well, the game isn't optimized well, but for MP it's definitely the server.

honestly only usable shared information would be "average server FPS" ...

@Dwarden sounds like a plan!

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