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Add Sound when opening/closing door
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There's no sound when opening/closing door.

The missing sounds have quite a drawback in MP as you gain no audible confirmation of e.g. an enemy entering your building. It's also less atmospheric.

Sounds can be implemented via scripts executed when the animation triggers since OFP.

See this addon by Mondkalb for an implementation of (mp-synchronized) door sounds: [^]


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  1. Go to a building
  2. Open a door
  3. Close it

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Support. Also present in ARMA 1 and ARMA 2.

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Important feature, because now you cant hear if somebody open door of house, broke cqb/pvp

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I hope, they will implement those sounds. It's necessary in buildings with more than one entrance/exit, especially if you are alone and just can cover one door at the time. Another example, if you search a village and the enemy is changing its position in buildings.

Listening to your environment is essential for surviving in combat.

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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IRL it is possible to:

  1. Open doors slowly and stealthily
  2. Open doors normally
  3. Try to breach the door open physically (or even with weapons or explosives)

All of these make slightly different noises, thus it's not as much wrong with not currently having a sound for it, as it is with the whole gameplay aspect of going trough doors. It is of VITAL importance to get stuff like that right in a tactical sim, especially considering urban warfare.

a little squeak would do wonders! Upvoted

Added some info from duplicate ticket.

Crossing my fingers for ArmA4 door sounds.

yep, door sounds are needed

(also maybe a variation between opening sneaky and rushing into a building)

Door sounds have been implemented.

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