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Bridge object does not count as road for AI
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When an AI drives a vehicle towards a bridge, it will stop at the bridge and not continue on it's journey. Looking at the map it seems that bridges are not counted as roads.
This means that you cannot perform tactical operations that involve an AI driving over any form of bridge, which in some situations could become a problem.
The AI does not even attempt to path-find around the bridge to find the next road, just stops dead. {F17489}


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Try to get an AI to drive over a bridge in Agia Marina in a vehicle such as the Hunter.

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Huuuuuuuge problem for anyone that wants to make a mission, especially in the big town on the west coast. They seem to see it as an obstacle, because they will not drive over even when their behavior is set to not need roads. They do eventually try to pathfind around, but seem to get stuck on surrounding obstacles.

IIRC this has been somewhat an issue with ArmA II as well.

This has been an issue since Arma 1. I'd love to see this finally fixed.

Have had some personal successes, inspired by reading of successes others have had, by laying a narrow road under the bridge from end-to-end to trick the AI into seeing a path.

Not a perfect fix but might help improve the results if something like this is done to the release maps.

I don't really care how they do it, if they have bridges, they should be freakin' functional. It's one thing if there aren't bridges in the core maps, but the damn things are right there, bohemia put em there, there has to be a way for them to fix the problem. I'm guessing that it's just further down the line. Hopefully.

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This is one of the AI functions that needs to get fixed before release. It'll be a pain in the tush for mission makers having to use a work around constantly to just get AI across a bridge.

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The AI has no pathing problems on the docks anymore like in ArmA2 (as far as I tested it) so i'm sure they can fix this too.

the type of thing that just makes you stop and point at bis in laughter. seriously, if the full game is just the alpha with less bugs and more content, it will suck. so many major faults like this.

johncage, it's called alpha for a reason... ;)
There isn't even a release date :p

Still reproducable in latest beta. I'll add a simple repro mission.

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Maybe it's the same issue than with caves / underground? It seems that AI simply refuses to go or function anywhere, where there are two possible positions where they could be in z-axis. Bridges (under the bridge vs. on bridge), caves (in cave vs. on it) etc.

Fixed in actual DEV version - 0.55.104211

Mass close.